Clichés Rightfully Converge In Paris

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Tweet The city of lights, love, and eventual lingering cannot really be described. However, it often is with superlatives on top of superlatives. Despite the clichés, Paris holds so many for a reason. Home to Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Seine, it is difficult not to yearn for Paris. The capital of France [...]

Laughing in Lisbon

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Tweet Overlooking the Rio Tejo, Lisbon towers above most capital cities in height. The city sprawls out across the hillsides, covering in gothic cathedrals, monasteries, narrow streets, gardens, and museums. The capital of Portugal is cool, calm and collected. Despite being a cosmopolitan city, Lisbon reminds visitors to lighten up and appreciate all areas of [...]

Passing the time in Madrid

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Tweet Beating at the heart of Spain some may think is Barcelona. Others contend Valencia could even be the country’s capital. Then again, only Madrid boasts that honor. Despite not winning the popularity contest over Barcelona, Madrid is still a great city to visit. So book that flight to Madrid and spend a few days. [...]

Rome – A city of history and beauty

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Pantheon Greece

Tweet Whether you fly to Rome or drive, you’ll never escape it’s beauty! As Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck scootered around Rome in the film “Roman Holiday”, the two Hollywood stars couldn’t escape the outshining city in the backdrop. Located along the River Tiber between the Apennines and Tyrrhenian Sea, Rome overwhelms travellers with world-renowned [...]

Having a slice of the Big Apple – New York!

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New York Flights

Tweet A state that hosts an upstate and a downstate and no wiggle room in-between couldn’t be more diverse. From the many wilderness parks and natural attractions to a forest of skyscrapers and America’s busiest metropolis, New York takes in its diversity. Originally one of the 13 colonies established, New York was the 11th state [...]

Vancouver flies to new heights!

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vancouver flights

Tweet Situated in British Columbia, Canada, Vancouver some might say has it all. Engulfed by ocean, mountains and city, easily accessible through cheap flights, Vancouver fulfils any type of taste. Outdoorsy travellers keep active with rafting, biking, camping and skiing all from the city centre. More cosmopolitan visitors find Vancouver’s shopping and museum scene to [...]

Surviving Skopje

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stone bridge

Tweet Skopje has had a hard life throughout its history. It still musters up that oxygen to keep on going, rising above historical and natural disasters to become the capital city of Macedonia. In the south of Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, Skopje presented an ideal southern European meeting point for many and today travelers [...]

Mighty Macedonia

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Tweet In the heart of southeastern Europe, Macedonia lies buried in between several countries. However, the country is not underground. Its position throughout history provided that ultimate highway for many, serving as a crossroads between Christian Europe and the mystifying Orient. Macedonia may be small, but the country proves size has no limitations on the [...] Credit Card Options
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